About Us

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Dundee Counselling provides talk therapy for individuals and couples with a wide range of needs in the Dundee area. We strive to provide this service at a low cost while maintaining very high standards and short waiting times. We are passionate about what we do, simply because our clients continually inspire us. Our clients often come to us feeling broken and down. It is an honour that these total strangers would open up to us. Of course we must earn and maintain their trust. As we walk along side our clients on their journey, our joy in providing this service grows.

Our core principles are:

  • Confidential - we provide support and counselling in a safe environment where confidentiality is paramount. We deal honestly with all people. We listen compassionately to people of different backgrounds and treat all people with equal value and dignity.
  • Courteous - we are respectful of people's situation however large or small it may be. We recognise that bringing concerns before others may have been met with disregard, mockery, or another form of rejection. We work to ensure that our clients feel cared for through the entire process of therapy.
  • Committed to growth and wholeness - we aim to help people develop and grow within the medium of counselling/therapy, education and/or referral. We recognise that growth involves time. We will work on a short or long term basis with people to provide the appropriate support based on their identified needs, their capacity to remain engaged in the therapeutic process and our capacity to respond to those needs effectively as long as the therapeutic process remains beneficial to them.
  • Culturally informed - we seek to be sensitive to the relevant issues in the community around us and work to respond within the scope of our roles and responsibilities.
  • Competent - Our counsellors have extensive training in the fields of psychology and/or counselling and marriage and family therapy. We believe in providing high standards of quality care with ongoing professional development and supervision and subscribe to the ethical framework held by the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP) and/or Counselling and Psychotherapy in Scotland (COSCA) and maintain membership with relevant accrediting bodies.

    We acknowledge that every counsellor needs the necessary education, training and experience in order to develop specific skills in counselling and Dundee Counselling does provide a place for budding counsellors to receive training and at the same time offer a reduced rate to those clients seen by the trainee counsellor. See more details and credentials on all of Our Counsellors here.

  • Comprehensive Care - we believe that people have an inherent, undeniable worth. We celebrate the fact that people are multifaceted and embody a variety of experiences and needs amongst which are physical, emotional, mental, intellectual, relational and spiritual needs. Our aim is to provide care and support with all these needs in view either directly through our resources or through referral to other qualified providers of care and support.

Our Counselling Rooms:

Image of Dundee Counselling - Counselling Room Image of Dundee Counselling - Counselling Room Image of Dundee Counselling - Counselling Room