Anger is an emotion common to all humans, self-protective in nature.

Anger is an automatic reflexive response to ill treatment or a blocked goal. It is the self protective state of mind that indicates he or she will not tolerate certain types of behaviour or is determined to reach a goal. The automatic reflexive responses: "fight", "flight" and "freeze" correspond respectively to the self protective brain states: "anger", "fear" and "panic". Thus anger correlates to the fight brain response.

Clients typically seek help for anger when they realize that the anger emotion is triggered easily when seemingly minor threats are present, or when others deem that anger management is necessary for the safety of others.

In therapy, we often look at what factors are driving the anger as well as identifying anger in the early stages and dealing with it then before it builds in intensity. For example, identifying and dealing with frustration or annoyance is often easier than dealing with more intense rage or resentment.

Prolonged anger can lead to bitterness, and as one person puts it, "Being bitter is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die." - Author unknown.

With great care and concern, you and your therapist can get to the bottom of the anger and help you deal more effectively with it.