Counselling and Therapy

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Have you ever found yourself in need of help personally or with a relationship but not known what to do. We can help in the following areas:

Individual Therapy

Have you felt disconnected from those around you and lonely? Do you often feel sad, angry, or worried? Have you recently suffered the loss of a loved one, a relationship or a job? Do you wish you enjoyed life more and knew why you feel the way you do?

Individual therapy is a time for you to explore and care for yourself, and become confident and secure in your ability to cope with the hardships that are affecting your day to day life.

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Couples Counselling

A considerable part of our joy and fulfillment lies in the attachment to our significant other. When our relationship suffers, emotional distress often leading to physical health deterioration occurs.

Couples Counselling is an investment in your relationship where the relationship, rather than the two individuals, is the "client". As you invest, communication patterns can improve, trust can be regained and intimacy can be restored.

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Pre-Marital / Re-Marriage Counselling

Getting married is an exciting but sometimes apprehensive experience. The couple knows and love each other deeply yet some couples benefit from having an outside facilitator lead them in discussions they may have not yet considered.

Our therapists act as guides in these discussions as well as train in communication skills that will help the couple build trust and intimacy, strengthening their marriage foundation.

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