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Client Reviews

Here is what some recent clients have had to say about working with us:

Nicola was a very welcoming counsellor who did not shy away from any of the topics or challenges that I was facing. It was obvious to myself that the counselling did not stop when I had left the room as almost every session Nicola had researched the topics I was bringing into the session and brought anecdotes or highlighting things she had discovered or read. This made me feel like I was really being listened to and really showed me that she cared about assisting me through the journey I was going through. Nicola used pluralism exploring many different theories, ways of practice and options. This was tremendously helpful as the challenges I was feeling felt all consuming and I felt as though I was stuck within life and could not move to the next step until this was resolved. She had managed to assist me with areas of my past that I wanted to process and overcome that I believed had a lasting impact on me but had no idea how to approach them. We touched on areas that were difficult for me to both talk about and emotionally handle however come the end of the session I always felt as though progress had been made and a massive weight had been taken off my shoulders. This has been incredibly helpful and still resonates with me to this day. -submitted 22nd Feb 2024

I had wanted to go to therapy for a long time but I was worried about having to go through the process of finding a therapist who was right for me, so I felt very lucky to have struck gold with Georgia, finding someone whom I immediately clicked with. Working with her genuinely helped clarify things for me and gain a far better understanding of myself and now I feel much more capable of tackling my mental health on my own, gaining new independence where I hadn’t before. -submitted 7th Feb 2024

I sought counselling following an extremely distressing period after a breakup. I have a history of turbulent relationships, and after the last one, my mental health crashed. Although I’ve always been an emotional person, I struggled to comprehend and regulate my feelings. I have always found myself overwhelmed by emotions, unsure of how to manage them, often leading to outbursts over minor triggers. I felt disconnected from myself up until I started working with Heidi. With Heidi, I was able to be myself without fear of judgment. Through her caring and compassionate approach, Heidi has helped me find ways to cope and helped me regain stability. Heidi has helped me develop a toolbox for coping with negative thinking habits, and has taught me the importance of slowing down, processing my feelings and taking care of myself. Throughout the past year of working with Heidi, I’ve grown immensely in self-awareness and feel like I’ve truly come into my own as a more balanced and functioning individual. I am incredibly grateful. -submitted 15th March 2024

I had tried counselling previously and didn’t really find it all that great for me, however after meeting with Tim I was able to gain a lot of clarity on my own feelings and relationships, which really aided me in making some big decisions. The sessions also were also great in improving my own self-knowledge - all of which has been very helpful. -submitted 20th Feb 2024

Working with Georgia through counselling has been a positive and fulfilling experience. Each session is a safe and comfortable environment to discuss any subject or thoughts. With each session you feel genuine progress and a weight lifted from your shoulders. -submitted 12th Feb 2024

I worked with Tim for just under 2 years and it’s been my best therapy experience so far. We explored my trauma and how it links to my attachment style. Ive gained lots of self awareness through this and he has helped me work through a hard diagnosis that the mental health teams have provided no support for. Overall my experience with Tim was excellent and I’ve grown significantly as a person through working with him. -submitted 18th Feb 2024

Nicola’s kind, gentle encouragement helped me to explore my thoughts and emotions. This helped me to see more clearly the fears that were holding me back. Together we explored these fears and this work reminded me that I have an inner strength I can draw on when facing new problems and the tools and strategies which have helped me navigate challenges previously in my life. I’m immensely grateful for her support and would wholeheartedly recommend Nicola to anyone wanting to make positive changes in their life. -submitted 26th Feb 2024