Individual Counselling - Talk Therapy

image of a 'Now Serving You' signIndividual counselling is a collaborative process in which you and your counsellor work confidentially. Our goal is to provide an open and supportive relationship for you to address the issues that are concerning you. In this professional relationship, the counsellor acts as a facilitator to help you understand yourself and the world around you more accurately. As therapy progresses you are given the chance to explore your feelings and behaviours, the impact of your family of origin, your relationships with others, choices and decisions to help you through your current situation.

We often use "talk therapy" to describe our service because we generally don't give pat answers or advice that is sometimes associated with the term "counselling." We live with the core belief that you have a wealth of untapped resources inside and the therapist helps tease them out promoting insight, growth and wholeness.

Why therapy?

People seek therapy for various reasons often when the situation is affecting daily life and not improving. Our clients have brought many of these concerns to therapy:

Our counsellors are qualified and experienced in providing therapy for all of these concerns and more.