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Overview of Self Help Resources

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Self help tools have been written on more topics than we can even list. Even though the materials you need are bound to exist somewhere in this information rich time in history, finding the time to locate and read the information may end up causing additional frustration. We believe that the dialogue of therapy is most effective means in dealing with individual and relational issues and this is why we provide the service.

Never the less, we have collected some of the top useful guides and share them here. Occasionally during therapy we will use these tools to accompany the therapeutic work. Here are some short summaries of the tools you can investigate.

Feeling Words List

Momentum developed this list of feeling words in their emotional state categories in order of intensity. This is a helpful tool for anyone wishing to become more descriptive with their feelings. This is particularly helpful when using the Awareness Wheel. Feeling Words List

Relaxation & Mindfulness

It is known that it is impossible to feel anxiety when our bodies are relaxed and we are breathing in a controlled and calm manner. This guided relaxation is helpful for practising between sessions and "learning" how to go to a more positive experience. Relaxation & Mindfulness

Awareness Wheel

This tool was developed in the book called Talking and Listening Together by Sherod Miller et. al. to help couples communicate better. The Awareness Wheel will help you improve your speaking skills so that you can be more easily understood by others. Awareness Wheel

Listening Cycle

Along side the Awarness Wheel, the Listening Cycle is a tool developed in the book called Talking and Listening Together by Sherod Miller et. al. to help couples communicate better. The Listening Cycle will help you improve your listening skills so that you can actively assure others that you understand, provide empathy, and resolve conflict. Listening Cycle

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is a large focus of counselling though it is not "taught" but rather "caught" in the process of self exploration. The tutorial on this topic explains the process of understanding emotions in yourself, how to deal with intense emotional reactions and how to switch emotional states in order to improve communication. Emotional Intelligence

Personality Type

A personality type test can help you understand why you think, feel and behave the way you are naturally drawn to. A number of personality type tests are available to try and you can take a free one online using this resource. Personality Type

Family of Origins Survey

Momentum developed this tool to help clients conceptualize some key self-concepts that are learned from the family they grew up in. The upbringing and family dynamics heavily influence the shaping of three core self-concepts: autonomy, bonding and compentency. Take this free survey to get your results and learn more. FOO Survey

NHS Scotland Resources

If you are looking for help individually, we suggest the tools developed by the NHS Scotland. Their website helps you eliminate issues in a systematic way to help you optimize your efforts in getting to the heart of the issue. NHS Scotland

Care for the Family Resources

If you are looking for help relationally, (either within or out with the family) we suggest the tools developed by Care for the Family. They have written on topics like: marriage, parenting, divorce recovery, money issues, losing a loved one, etc. Care For Family

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