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Dundee Counselling

Compassionate listening. Positive Change.

Dundee Counselling provides talk therapy for individuals, young people, couples and families with a wide range of needs in the Dundee area. We strive to provide this service at a low cost while maintaining very high standards and short waiting times.

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We are passionate about what we do, simply because our clients continually inspire us. Our clients often come to us feeling broken and down. It is an honour that these total strangers would open up to us. Of course we must earn and maintain their trust. As we walk alongside our clients on their journey, our joy in providing this service grows. Read more about our approach to therapy.

Getting you to the right place

Our website covers four main areas:

But if you can’t find what you’re looking for, please contact us and we hope to answer your query as soon as possible!

Here is what some of our clients have said about working with us:

Our Facilities


Individual Counselling - Talking Therapies
Individual counselling is a confidential and collaborative process aimed at helping you with your feelings, relationships, and challenges to promote self-awareness and personal growth, addressing a wide range of issues like stress, anxiety, relationship problems, depression and more.
Couples Counselling - Marriage Counselling
As life’s stressors like having children, job loss, or health issues challenge your relationship, showing signs like unresolved conflicts or lack of laughter, it’s important for you and your partner to consider couples counselling.
Family Therapy
Consider exploring family therapy to enhance communication, resolve conflicts, and strengthen your family’s bonds, creating a more harmonious and understanding home environment that benefits everyone.
Premarital and Remarriage Counselling
As you prepare for marriage, using tools like the Prepare-Enrich Assessment, can enhance your communication skills and understanding of each other, addressing common marital issues and strengthening your commitment and intimacy.
Online Counselling - Teletherapy
Online counselling therapy is a way for you to engage in counselling using internet technology such as telephone or webcam video. See if online counselling is the right option for you!
Frequently Asked Questions
If you’re new to counselling / therapy, here are some helpful answers to the top questions people ask when seeking out a counselling service. For any others please send us a question via our contact page.