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Premarital and Remarriage Counselling

Getting married is an exciting experience as the couple knows and loves each other deeply. For many, it can also be an apprehensive experience with doubts of whether he or she has made the right decision. Some may have unrealistic expectations of marriage which can lead to future conflict. Having an outside facilitator lead the couple in focused discussions helps them deal with these concerns to make that wedding day that much more confident and joyful.

Image of an engaged couple
Two core elements of a successful marriage are commitment and good communication. The aim of premarital counselling is to pass on to the couple the best communication skills possible while talking about some of the most common topical issues that come up in marriage.

Our therapists are trained in administering the Prepare-Enrich Assessment survey for couples of any age. This assessment evaluates 12 different relationship scales. These scales include communication, conflict resolution, roles, sexuality, finances, spiritual beliefs, and more, identifying important strengths and possible growth areas in your relationship.

We hope these discussions will give couples a deeper understanding of each other as well as confidence that they can communicate effectively on any issue that may appear in marriage.

Premarital / Remarriage Counselling typically takes 8 hours which can be broken up into 8 one-hour sessions or 4 two-hour sessions.


Tim Allyn
Individual, Couples, Young Persons, Pre-Marital and Family Counsellor with Dundee Counselling. Tim has over 10,000 hours (14 years) experience in counselling and has a special interest in helping people heal from their past trauma and abuse.
Frequently Asked Questions
If you’re new to counselling / therapy, here are some helpful answers to the top questions people ask when seeking out a counselling service. For any others please send us a question via our contact page.
Emilie Clarke
Trainee Counsellor with Dundee Counselling. With 20 years experience in pastoral care, and now in her second year of professional counselling training, Emilie is convinced that building a compassionate and trusting relationship with her clients is the foundation for progress and change.
Andy Gray
Trainee counsellor with a diverse background in criminology / sociology, music, and homelessness sector work, Andy is pursuing an MSc in Counselling at Abertay University, offering an empathic and pluralistic therapeutic approach to adult clients facing a variety of challenges.
Georgia Flowers
Georgia is a compassionate and versatile counsellor registered with the BACP, whose artistic background enriches her therapy sessions, particularly in her work with students, fostering a curious, courageous and creative environment tailored to individual needs.
Heidi Fettes
Heidi, with a background in psychology, offers integrative counselling for various issues while also advocating for exercise as a means of maintaining mental health. She is able to help with anxiety, depression, self-esteem, identity, and relationships, with additional expertise in working with young people.